Price Lists

Pricing starts at $250.00

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Typical Costs:

Home Owner & Home Purchase sewer inspection:

$295 includes report

Contractor :

$295 per hour

Gutter /storm water scoping:

$295 for 1st drain, $200 Each extra

Common Pipe Issues:
Cracks, Negative Slope/Low Spots, Roots, Separation, Broken, Scale Buildup, Corrosion, Holes, Pipe Deficiencies, and Obstructions are all inspected for when we camera a line.

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1st Fireplace – $275*
Each additional fireplace – +$150*
* Under certain circumstances flues might not allow for a camera entry. IE. Small flue size, unsafe, sharp bends etc. During the inspection the inspector will try all means safely possible to photograph/inspect the flue.

Unbiased Opinion:

There is a reason why we do not include repair estimates. Our company is strictly an inspection company. This prevents any of our inspectors from being unethical during and after the inspection. “Up Selling” is a common issue with chimney contractors. In fact, some chimney contractors have never seen a chimney they liked, unless they built it.

A company that performs repairs might try to recommend unnecessary items, bogus maintenance, and repairs that might not be needed

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Pool Inspection costs start at: $395.00

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Mold cost:

Mold Inspection:

Starting at $175


$150 per

Lift Off sample:

$150 per

Bulk Sample:

$300 1st room

Air Sample:

$150 each additional

Radon Testing Cost:

Residential: $150

Commercial: call for pricing

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