Chimney Inspections in Warren, NJ

A fireplace adds class, coziness, and functionality to any home, but if you have a fireplace, you have a responsibility to keep it properly maintained. Fireplace chimneys accumulate various by-products over time, both from the fireplace and from the outdoors. If you’re looking for fireplace inspections in Warren, NJ, schedule an appointment with Home Scope by Cornerstone today.

What Is a Fireplace or Chimney Inspection?

The fireplace or chimney inspection process is as simple as it sounds. An experienced technician will examine the fireplace and chimney to look for warning signs that could cause problems down the road. Some of these signs include:

  • Worn, aged, damaged, or misplaced bricks and mortar
  • Weather damage
  • Missing chimney cap or screen
  • Buildup in the flue or chimney
  • Broken gaskets around the fireplace doors
  • Deteriorated firebox lining
  • Excessive soot or leaves
  • Debris
  • Creosote, a by-product of hot vapors cooling as they reach the top of the chimney
  • Fire hazards

These things may be innocuous at first, but if left unchecked, they could pose a huge danger to you, your family, and your home. As such, experts recommend that you hire a professional to perform a fireplace and chimney inspection every year, typically in autumn before you start using your fireplace during the cold months.

Who Are Home Scope by Cornerstone?

Home Scope by Cornerstone has provided quality home inspections and services for years. We’ve gained the experience and certifications necessary to keep New Jersey homes safe and comfortable. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, which is why we aim to keep 100% of our customers satisfied with our quality service and affordable prices.

Home Scope by Cornerstone provides chimney inspections in Warren, NJ. If you want to ensure that your fireplace and chimney will be safe and functional for the cold months of the year, schedule an appointment today. Call us at (973) 650-4151 to learn more.